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Thanks for all the hard work you put into putting a list of possible publishers. I hope I have good luck with my book.

Sally Kosmalski from Virginia, MN USA on 8/6/2010

Hello Karen, I found your web page on the internet and using it to find a publisher for my new book the "Hungarian Gigolo" Thank you for your hard work. Regards, Gabe

Gabe G. Kubichek from Stayton, Oregon, 97383 USA on 7/17/2010

I was trying to contact you using the "email me" link but kept getting error messages - I am asking for a donation of promotional materials for a library support staff conference. If you feel like you can make a donation please email me at gprothero@niu.edu Thank you for your time.

Ginger Prothero from DeKalb, Illinois United States on 6/22/2010


Christa Houston from Hays, Alberta Canada on 5/12/2010

Would like to be on your emailing list Enjoyed your web page

Shirley Jensen from Houston, TX USA on 4/20/2010

Hi Karen Yes that is my real name. I found you on a google search of my own name. Two years ago, I printed your 'Common Mistakes of Beginning Writers". I always intended to write a short story, but never got around to it. Well, now I am registered for a workshop, and am busy writing to be ready for the first meeting. I found your tips in a file, and reread them. They are very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to share your insight with other writers. Karen Fox (there appears to be a series of us...)

Karen Fox from Toronto, On Canada on 10/11/2009

Thanks for putting the list of agents. I hope to persue a carrer in writing.

brogan wyant from wooster, ohio USA on 10/5/2009

Good Author, Better name-same as mine-Karen Fox Geissler

Karen Geissler from Wynantskill, New York USA on 9/26/2009

im a huge fan of buttercup baby i love faeries and mystical creatures and you captivated my imagination and my guilty pleasure of romance i would love to read more faerie tales written by you

michelle pepper from harvest, alabama us on 9/15/2009

Congrats! Hey! I finally got around to reading my RWR, and saw that you're receiving the service award! Very cool-- and well deserved!!! Congratulations! Julie (tried to email, but the form wouldn't work. You might want to have your web folks take a look!)

Julie Kenner from Georgetown, TX USA on 6/21/2009

How can I get an autographed picture, Karen?

Abe Knaster from Lynbrook, NY USA on 6/19/2009

I loved Somewhere my Love and I was hoping to find a book about Devon Zdenek?

Peita Orth from Brisbane, Queensland Australia on 6/17/2009



Tried to send you an e-message, but got a failure message. Can you help? Thank you, RMG

Richard M. Gibson from Luxembourg, LU Luxembourg on 5/4/2009

How do I go about getting an autographed picture? I would really appreciate it. Thank you

Abe Knaster from Lynbrook, New York USA on 4/3/2009

Karen: HELP! Your email page does not work. -Pat

Pat Stubbs from San Jose, CA US on 3/21/2009

trying to find someone to help me publish my book. I love Romance and happy endings. If you can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. My book need to be edited as well, can you help? Thank you, look for a response soon.

Cynthia Edmonds from Solon, Ohio USA on 2/28/2009

Karen, very interesting. Marie

Marie McCracken from COLORADO SPRINGS , co USA on 1/17/2009

I loved your books and I am graduating from College in May with an Bachelor's degree in English and would like to know how I can write for and get published by harlequin

darlene giblet from weatherford, oklahoma United States on 9/14/2007

I really enjoyed Price of Charming and can't wait to read more from the series.

Carrie Wyman from colorado springs, CO u.s.a. on 8/18/2007

I love the magic you bring to life in your books. Your use of magic is brilliant, and i have all of your books.

Janie Price from Elizabeth, Indiana United State on 8/7/2007

i love your fae romances and can not wait to find out about ewan and sequoia. will you be writing it soon? i hope all goes well for you with getting your books published. will keep waiting for your next book. yours faefully fern.

fern middleton from lara, geelong, victoria australia on 3/13/2007 10:05:48 PM

Thanks for compiling such a thorough list! What a great help! Best of luck to you! :)

Jessica C from New York, NY USA on 3/7/2007 10:23:38 AM

i love your book some wher my love it was so good

ashely conners from rigdevill, indiana america on 2/15/2007 3:53:45 PM

i love your book some wher my love it was so good

ashely conners from rigdevill, indiana america on 2/15/2007 3:53:36 PM

Saw this address....nice website!

Jeff Baxter from ,   on 5/6/2005

Hi Karen, Very very nice website! I'm going to be checking out your books, you writ what I like to read. :-) Regina http://www.reginapaul.bravehost.com

Regina Paul from ,   on 3/29/2005

i loved the Buttercup Baby book you wrote. I did a book report on it. of course, i couldn't include the very detailed parts, because my teacher would probably fail me! but that's okay.

breana marshall from ,   on 3/20/2005

Actually, I stumbled across your site while looking for an elementary school classmate. We are planning a reunion for April 30 and are trying to get in touch with Lisa Kamps. I am so excited to learn more of her accomplishments.

Nancy , A.K.A. Nancy Rolf Kiel from ,   on 3/9/2005

I found your web-site interesting and informative. I selected two of your books to begin with. Good Luck Joanna

Joanna Webb-Goldman from ,   on 2/22/2005

Karen :)Hi! You got me looking at websites, and I was looking at Stacy Lynn's and she has your link on hers. So naturally I clicked on. 43,000 hits on your website. You are one impressive woman and I'm proud to call you my friend. Hugs.

Donnell Bell from ,   on 2/14/2005


Linda   from ,   on 2/6/2005

Hello Karen! I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to make everything on your site available for aspiring authors. As you can guess, I'm an aspiring author. Well, I am an author. I've just yet to be paid for it!! :D But, thanks to all your information on here, you've helped me get to that next step a little easier. Thanks so much, Karen!! Suzie

Suzie Thompson from ,   on 2/1/2005

Great, informative website! Thanks and blessings. Phyllis

Phyllis  from ,   on 1/30/2005

karen: thank you so much for all the valuable information you have made available to wanna be authors. your links are great, and you make searching through the publishing muck a bit more tolerable. keep up the good work! sincerely, leslie tall manning

leslie tall manning from ,   on 1/12/2005

Love your books!

Kara Jones from ,   on 1/9/2005

What a wonderful site. I went right to my library and ordered your novels. Cheers from Canada's BC southern interior

Linda M. Gigliotti from ,   on 1/9/2005

I stumbled upon your website while looking for literary agents and found it quite helpful. Thanks for taking the time to establish this website. Finding a reputable agent is 3/4 of the battle and the more info. on each one--the better. I've recently finished a Southern Women's fiction romance (my first,) and I have kids as well. It's hard to run off to these conferences I hear so much about. Do you think it would be worth my time to attend one? I'm in Naples, Florida. Also, my editor, Connie Buchanan, who edited The Hunt for Red October, unfortunately cannot hook me up with an agent. (It's in her contract.) But do you think it's worth telling agents about who my editor is when I query them? Listen to me...rambling on. I have no "author friends" and it's nice to ask these questions to someone who actually has a clue. Just get back to me when time allows. Thanks a bunch.

Kathy Sumner from ,   on 1/7/2005

Very informative Web site and easy to navigate. I'll recommend it to other writers.

Michael Embry from ,   on 1/5/2005

Dear Karen: Thank you for creating and maintaining this wonderful resource for friends new and old who love romance. Your site is rich in information for all romance writers-published and unpublished. It is a true must-have trove of treasured information, which I seem to be visiting weekly now. I have also passed along your link and my writing friends and critique group also are now visiting your site. It is as if you dropped a stone into a calm pond and the ripples continue to go ourward to draw more of us in. Happy Holidays and thank you again and again. Linda Eighmy

Linda Eighmy from ,   on 12/21/2004

i been writin any kinds of things so what kind of books do you publish.

leigh  from ,   on 12/9/2004

i love reading your books the latest one i read was Cupid's Melody i couldn't put the book down! can't wait to read another one.

Stephanie  from ,   on 11/12/2004

Hi! My name is Tara. I am in grade 11 and about to turn 16. I just love your books! They are amazing! In english class we are doing a novel study and I am doing Cupid's Melody. This is the second time that I have read it. If you could send me any extra information about you and your books that would be great! Thanks a lot! Tara

Tara Smith from ,   on 11/12/2004

I am so touched by what you and others are doing for a fellow writer in distress. The writing (and publishing) tips are also very useful. Thanks!

Shinjinee Sen from ,   on 11/3/2004

Karen, I just wanted to say what an interesting and useful site you have created. I am wanting to have a go at writing historical romances and was wondering if this would be at all lucrative. Thanks for putting together all the info on average advances and royalties etc. Although I'm uk based, I imagine that the fees would be similar over here - you've definitely given me some idea of what one might expect - if successful (I was particularly interested to hear about Harlequin. Thank you again. All best wishes Claire

claire hunt from ,   on 11/1/2004

Oops...let's try that again! I've had to bookmark your site because there's no possible way to get through all the information in one sitting. Very impressive! Best of luck in your writing career, especially with the dark paranormal suspense, which is right up my alley. Please do keep me posted. Jill Terry Author - Poet - Columnist - Speaker www.authorjaterry.com

Jill Terry from ,   on 9/29/2004

It looks great and is so easy to use.

Fredericka Meiners from ,   on 9/24/2004

Hi Karen, I just finished reading "Somewhere My Love" and i loved it. usely i go for Historica Romance, but i love the way that you told the story. But i was wondering if you ever wrote a book about Devon? When i first got to know him i hated him......but as the book when on to the end i was hoping that he would hind the love that Tristan, Sha'Nara, Cadell, and Jacy all had..... Your New Fan, ~Kira~

Kira  from ,   on 8/18/2004

By looking at your guestbook I found that you are a futuristic writer if you have any new books in that time or vampires or time travel please send me a e-mail about it. I will go and buy them, they are the ones I love to read. Thank you!

Lisa  from ,   on 7/27/2004

I am new to your books. I found your book "Cupid's Melody" while I was in Boders book store. I didn't think I would fall in love, but it looked interesting. I now stand before you in awe. I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!! I have never read a book of this genra before that had me believeing in it so totally. I finished it in 5 hours and I have never done that with any book. I absolutly love it and look foward to reading more of you books.

Anitra Friend from ,   on 6/1/2004

Do you have any freebies? Thank you

Laurie Stanley from ,   on 5/30/2004

I just read "Somewhere My Love". My first book by Karen Fox. I have to say I couldn't put it down. I have been reading a lot of romances that just seem to fall flat but not with this one. In fact, this book is one of my favorites. I loved that it was exciting and adventurous. That I didn't know what was going to happen and that the passion between the characters was so real and intense. Now I can't wait to get my hands on another Karen Fox book. Thanks so much! Now an official fan! Laurie Leigh

Laurie Leigh from ,   on 5/4/2004

I really liked the two futuristic novels you wrote. Any chance of the series continuing further ?? I hope so. Futuristic novels (especially such in-depth and compelling ones !) are hard to come by. Please consider continuing with Devon's story !!

Rose Hayden from ,   on 5/3/2004

Awesome, Karen, impressive, helpful and informative. Thank you.

Donnell Bell from ,   on 4/21/2004

Hey Karen, your site is great. I've left comments once before, and what a pleasant suprise to get a reply! I sent my email again, have you recieved it? just wanted to know. Hehe, I read buttercup baby; fascinating!

Mona Weng from ,   on 4/18/2004

After reading 4 of the Hope Springs books I had to write to the Wyrd Sisters, I'm waiting for Mauras book to come in the mail. Grand Design was very entertaining, It only took 3 days to read (I work outside the house, an hour one way to work). Are any of your works on Cd or cassette? Please continue, all of you, the stories are entriging. Break a ...finger???

Pat Romick from ,   on 4/17/2004

Karen, Your website is awesome. Thank you for sharing your information with us. My website is http://donnasbook.bravehost.com Donna

Donna Laird from ,   on 4/16/2004

I am honored to be signing this. I absolutly adore these books. I have only recently discovered these magnificently written tales of romance and magic. But I am by far captivated by these stories. I'm overly excited to be purchasing the last 2 books I have not read yet, although I am saddened that I will soon finish those books, I'm sure I'll enjoy reading them all a second time. I look forward to seeing many more books published in the future. I feel I should bow or something, but I will simply say, Thank-You with all my heart!

Erica  from ,   on 4/4/2004

Dear Madam: I should be most grateful if you would be so kind as to let me know which time of year is the best to approach literary agents in New York. I have written a novel Sincerely Michael Zurowski, historian and bibliographer Montreal Ph.D. (The London School of Economics, 1975).

Dr. Michael Zurowski from ,   on 3/18/2004

Thanks for sharing so many practical facts and ideas with us less experienced writers.

Joan aka Lara Bonnell Clark from ,   on 3/16/2004

Hi, Karen, You name came up on the Faith, Hope and Love Writers loop. Just stopping by to study you site. Looks great. Mary Connealy

Mary Connealy from ,   on 3/16/2004

Hi Mrs.Fox! I sent you an email, and if you have time, I hope you can read it and give me some ideas. ^_^ By the way, your website is great!

Mona Weng from ,   on 3/16/2004

I love your books. I love the way you blend humor with the romance. As for your site, it's great. The only other thing I'd like to see is a list of upcoming novels. Things you are working on or are about to be released. Thanks.

Kathryn  from ,   on 3/14/2004

I am anxiously awaiting for the conclusion to Ewan and Sequoias story, when do you think that this may be put out

shannon  from ,   on 3/12/2004

I really enjoyed your web site, its set up is great. I just read Cupid's Melody and thoughtit was awsome, thanks!

Jill Penkalski from ,   on 3/5/2004

how can i get some copies of your books

sogo  from ,   on 3/3/2004

This is a very informative website regarding writers' average advances. Thanks for taking the time to research this.

A.P. Fuchs from ,   on 2/18/2004

Hey Karen, Remember me? The family and I are living out in Florida now, Greg's working (yippee!) and I'm writing. Nothing published yet, but my agent keeps me on track. It shouldn't be tooo long. Just wanted to say Hi and that I love the website. I've been goofing off today--surfing--and found your latest sales info to be very motivating :) Hope all is well with you and yours. Have a GREAT day! Patty La Duca

Patty La Duca from ,   on 2/18/2004

I liked your site and also hope to hear back from you soon on my e-mail. Hopefully more authors like you will stick it out and write more futuristic romance books for everybody.

Dea Smith from ,   on 2/7/2004

it's amazimg how you write although i haven't had the chance to read any of your books!!!

Nora  from ,   on 2/4/2004

I love your fae books, I find them light and very refreshing to read especially after a busy workweek. I am looking forward to your next fae book and hope to read your other books as well. Thanks Pam Thomas Cambridge, Ont.

Pam Thomas from ,   on 1/20/2004

Your web site is excellent and took lots of time to put together for other aspiring writers. Thank you for all the info and for the encour- agement. I hope to complete my first novel by May of this year. -

Susan Wesley from ,   on 1/15/2004

i really enjoyed buttercup baby and wasn't aware that it was a series. I'm very exited to read more of your wonderful stores. thanks

melissa  from ,   on 1/15/2004

Best wishes for a great 2004, Karen! Much success with your writing career! Denise http://www.chistell.com

Denise  from ,   on 1/11/2004

I LOVE the title of your book coming out in March 2004. Congratulations! Just the title alone makes me want to go out and buy it. Wickedly good!

Leah Marie Brown from ,   on 1/10/2004

Enjoyed your web site..I'm in the thinkiing about it mode and love collecting ideas.

Vickie Ferguson from ,   on 1/8/2004

Thank you for compiling this information. It is so hard to find on the web....Valerie

Valerie Paganessi from ,   on 12/2/2003

You have a wonderful resource here for aspiring writers. Thanks for all the hard work that obviously went into this site.

Grace  from ,   on 12/2/2003

Yeah! I can now go buy the sequel of the Sullivan sister. I have been waiting and finally got smart enough to look your site up. I am off at my earliest convenience to purchase A Touch of Charm!! I'll write you back as soon as I read it! Which will be in the next day or two. One hapy Reader, Gwen Evans

Gwen Evans from ,   on 12/1/2003

A nice site, a great author, keep up the fantastic work!

Jennifer Hinshaw from ,   on 11/19/2003

Hi Karen, I just finished Prince of Charming, Buttercup Baby, Cupids Melody, &Impractical Magic, all in a row!I loved them all, and can't wait till Ewan and Sequoia Have their story. One question, what's up with Titania? Uncommonly beautiful, magical, and immortal,can have anything and everything imaginable, why is she so MEAN? There must be a story in there somwhere. I always thought fairies were supposed to be sweet ,kind and helpful as in Cinderella! And she's a Queen too! Keep writing and I'll keep reading. Kathy

Kathy Minocchi from ,   on 11/16/2003

Ms. Fox, Thank you for maintaining this site. It, along with several others, have been quite helpful. I am a new writer who, in the past few weeks, has gotten an interesting addition to my education. I especially appreciate the warning comments sometimes included with an agent listing. Thanks, Chuck

Chuck Ebbeler from ,   on 11/13/2003

Hi Karen: Enjoyed reading your writing tips section of your website, least not the entire site held my interest! Congratulations on your accomplishments. Warmest regards, Pamela

Pamela  from ,   on 11/7/2003

Hi! Erm, how do I start? Well, I''m a 16 year old girl from Singapore. Recently, I went to a bookshop and caught sight of your book, Impractical Magic. The cover page interests me and I began reading and finally bought it without hesitation. The purchase proved to be worthwhile as I read it through in one shot. It was really amazing! I loved the way you incorporate magic into modern romances and somehow it all fits perfectly. Soon, I''m going to be heading towards the bookshop to buy Buttercup Baby. Like you, I have been reading ever since 11 years old and I''m currently writing some short stories of my own. Thanks a lot for your writing tips though, they were really useful. I hope to see more of your books coming along and best wishes! =)

Crystal  from ,   on 10/10/2003

I was hoping you could help me. I read a book several years ago and can''t for the life of me remember the title or the author. I had thought you may have been the author because the storyline made me think of your other books. The heroine is an author whose writing, unbeknownst to her, affects a man in another dimension. He devises a way to get to our dimension and captures her. And so the story follows along those lines. Do you, or anyone reading your guestbook, have a clue as to the title or author of this book?? Please respond as I''m going crazy trying to rack my brain!

Amanda Baker from ,   on 9/26/2003

sept 9th , 2003 tuesday 09.50 a.m. hye karen , just viewed your website i like it alot ! keep up the good work , am not up to reading unless its a book that i like , let me tell you a little about myself , born , 1939 in escanaba , michigan . family of six , 3 sister's , 2 brother's .hobbies are :: - poole , poker, going threw all types of websites and meeting- new people , ceramic's , and sports , went to my first base ball game this past friday , & saw chicago cub's , and the- milwaukee brewers ,my team won chicago cub's go sammy sosa !! watching my two favorite soap operas {one life to live , & guiding light . am now since - retired my former job worked - in hospital as nurses aide . take care and god bless , barb

barbara cody from ,   on 9/9/2003

Hello Karen, I absolutely love your website! I surfed in from noveltalk. I just read your first chapter from "Touch of Charm", and I'm really looking forward to it coming out. By the way, when does it come out? I didn't see a date for it. Your books are just a breath of fresh air! I hope you never stop writing fantasy romance.

Matissa Doty from ,   on 9/4/2003

Just wanted to say how much I love your books. I finished ""A Touch of Charm" in 1 1/2 days! Ready to read more!! I gave your books to my aunt to read and now she's hooked too! Can't wait to read more, think you can start writing one a month? Hehehe. Keep up the wonderful storytelling.

tract sturtz from ,   on 9/1/2003

i love your kids and nice site for karen farmiles

willy  from ,   on 8/30/2003

Hi Karen! I to stop by and see what new things you have going on. :)

Gigi  from ,   on 8/17/2003

lovely site to visit, i enjoyed every bit of what i saw

ehdidowarrake  from ,   on 7/31/2003

thanks for the info, its impossible to getr anywhere else

gina jeffrey from ,   on 7/29/2003

Greetings from south FL, Hope to see you at the 30th reunion next year,I had a good time at the 25th in 1999.It's always fun to spend a few days in Jackson. Best Regards.

Michael Arntson from ,   on 7/21/2003

Karen: I like your guestbook, reminds me of a wedding. I am interested in finding an agent and so far it has proven frustrating. I will try those on your list and tell you if it works out. Thanks for your interest in assisting unknown writers. Regards

Joan Francis from ,   on 7/7/2003

Hi Karen. You replied to an email message I had sent to you earlier this year and mentioned your website. So here I am checking it out! Thanks again for such excellent writing!

Cheryl Erlandson from ,   on 7/1/2003

Very nice site you have. Informative,no nonsense, and straight to the point. I liked the deals section very much,and I wondered why don't you have a search button to locate deals,the agents,or by title? Thanks again for your site.

Ron Jenkins from ,   on 6/17/2003

Thank you for a very informative site!

B.J. House from ,   on 6/15/2003

Great web site!

Elizabeth Beard from ,   on 6/7/2003

what did u do as a living?? i want to no cause i have to do a paper in current events at school so email me and teel me k thanx linnie

linnie  from ,   on 6/5/2003

Great site, Karen! I've had it bookmarked for ages, so I figured it was about time I piped up to say what a wonderful resource it is!

Norah Wilson from ,   on 6/4/2003

Hi Karen, I loveyour books. Where can I buy the last one? Thank you, Alexamia

Alexamia  from ,   on 5/18/2003

I realy enjoy your books. I love the idea of the Fae and all the things that they do that make them different from others. Which is also why I enjoy your books. They aren't like others because anything can happen because they are different. Looking forward to reading all your books!

Traci Sturtz from ,   on 5/18/2003

please write ewan and sequoia's story - soon!

shanno  from ,   on 5/16/2003

May 8, 2003 Dear Ms. Fox: I started to read your books last month. I can't stop. I am so excited that your new book comes out this month. I hope that I can find your books in any drug store such as: Genovese, CVS, or Walgreens. Thank you Karen for sharing your dreams with us. Sincerely, Alexamia

Alexamia  from ,   on 5/8/2003

Very nice web site with useful information! JC Conseil http://www.jcconseil.com

JC Conseil from ,   on 4/28/2003

I love your books!! Keep them coming. Sharon

Sharon Longo from ,   on 4/25/2003

hey there karen...im shereen....from Malaysia...i love your book "cupid`s melody" so much!i really do!im always interested in faery or fairies...because i love this kind of fantasy....i really want to read more about your other books!especially buttercup baby....and your coming "Impractical Magic" honestly i can`t wait!..but my problem is i find it difficult to find your bookss....but i`ll try my best...i`m dying to read all of your books!bye...good luck...all the best!keep ur the good work!

shereen  from ,   on 4/18/2003

Just want to thank you for your site, especially the agents page. It was a great help to me as a new writer trying to get published. The links were great! It's nice that there are people like you willing to put the time and effort in to help others.

Rita  from ,   on 4/17/2003

Hi Karen, Just want to thank you for your excellent site on Agents. It saved ma a lot of time and I am using this resource to help me as I try to get my first novel published. It's nice to know people who are willing to share from their experience. Thanks so much.

Rita Aschenbrenner from ,   on 4/11/2003

good set up

Loren Palmer from ,   on 4/1/2003

I love your books! I am still in the proccess of getting them all! I am a big fan!!

Rachel Parker from ,   on 3/1/2003

Hi Karen....Just wanted to say I think the cover to your next magical book, looks super!! I love bunnies **bg** I'll be counting the days till it comes out! You are an ""auto-buy"" for me, natch...and all your books are ""keepers""....wasn't that a darling (and honest) blurp Julie stated for your cover? You two are wonderful!!! Hugs, Kiki

Karen Boml from ,   on 2/23/2003


Yana Dimitrova from ,   on 2/22/2003

Dear Ms. Fox, I really love your fantasy romance series (prince of charming/ Buttercup baby..etc..)They are very very cute stories and I love to read/ reread them so much. Also, I just got your early work (after searching like crazy), Somewhere my Love. I''m hooked!! I''m just wondering if you have any plan to write some more futuristic romance? Anyway, Very pretty webpage and keep going. You have one person here who considers herself ""Karen Fox's fan"".. Sydney

Sydney Ruji from ,   on 2/7/2003

Loved CUPIDS MELODY. Very enjoyable reading. How well I needed to be taken away to another world, and you provided me with that escape. Thanks Karen for a wonderful read. Your children Kent and Tori are darling.

Dolores Else from ,   on 2/4/2003

Hi Karen, I was just surfing around when I stumbled onto your site. Sure glad I did! I love reading - especially romance novels. I look forward to reading yours. :-) ~Kelley http://www.1heluva.com/cgi-bin/join.cgi?refer=1246

Kelley Insana from ,   on 2/4/2003

Hi Karen! The reviews I read for Cupid's Melody are really good. I have put it on my books to get list. Have a great day. :-)

Gigi  from ,   on 1/21/2003

I really like the website.

Scott  from ,   on 1/17/2003

Since I have your same surname, I had to stop by to say hello. I, too, am a romance author, just recently pubbed and going strong. I invite you to stop by at my website: http://home.earthlink.net/~joanmfox

J. Fox from ,   on 1/17/2003

Nice site, like it.

metin  from ,   on 1/14/2003

cool place, Just letting you know I was here :-) Keep up the good work. www.viral-traffic.com

simon  from ,   on 1/13/2003

Hello. I was just poking around when i stumbled headover heels onto your website. Not really, I actually was looking at award nominees way back when, and spotted Prince of Charming. I am going on a mad hunt for it in bookstores, but I am sure I will find it eventually. You have a nice site going on here, one of the better ones I have seen done by the authors themselves. Keep writing, smiling, and all that good stuff. Bye!

Violet  from ,   on 1/11/2003

two things.... my daughter has a writing degree and I was wondering about how you got started with your publishing thing. and next....I graduated from NW high...and worked with a gal at Bill knapp's restaurant in Jackson in 1970.... she graduated from parkside in 69 and her name was Christine Jensen....and had a sister named Jody... If you could ever find anyone from the class of 69 that knows her...I should sure like to contact her again.... We were such good friends. thanks, phil sarlo :)

Philip Sarlo from ,   on 1/10/2003

I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoy your writing. Have a great weekend. Gigi

Gigi Hicks from ,   on 1/10/2003

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